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We are a team of dedicated scientists at Makgene.com who want to bring the latest information, technologies, and services in the field of Medical Genetics to the public. Our main goal is to educate you on the fundamentals of Genetic Testing and its effects in your daily life. Our staff are quite knowledgeable and well-trained in the field of Medical and Molecular Genetics and are mainly recent graduates of prestigious universities in Southern California.

A main objective for us is to introduce Genetic Testing to the public and inform them about the benefits of knowing “what’s in your genes”. We want to be the pioneers of making the Genetic Testing easy to understand to the public through providing information and assisting in choosing the correct laboratory. Of course this website is the invaluable tool to provide information on Genetic disorders for you as our customers.

We have managed to make obtaining information on Genetic Testing an easy and interesting process by using the latest literature. Through services at Makgene.com you will be able to enter a new level to protect your health and prolong your life. Genetic Testing is going to be the future of Diagnostics Medicine soon, hence we want to be the torchbearers of providing all the necessary information directly to you.

Our approach is unique in the sense that we focus on one test at a time so you can have the most specialized and affordable Genetic Testing. Please take a moment to read about Genetic Testing and the latest developments in the field of Medical Genetics at this website. We have produced an easy to understand educational material for Genetic Testing, just click on the links.

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