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Introduction to Genetic Testing

Please take a moment to read about Genetic Testing and the latest developments in the field of Medical Genetics at this website. We have produced easy to understand educational materials for Genetic Testing using question and answer format. just click on the links in the left column.

Overview of Genetic Testing

Genetic testing has several implications including but not limited to determining an individual’s ancestry and race, relationship to other family members, susceptibility to inherited disorders, and medication dosage. Majority of genetic testing today is in the fields of medical genetics, paternity testing, and forensics where a biological sample such as cheek cells on a buccal swab, blood sample, or hair can be used. The best scenario for genetic testing is to rule out an ethnic or hereditary disorder and to identify the relationships among people.

We emphasize that genetic testing is just a tool to determine the changes or similarities in the DNA and its generated data should only be used or interpreted by a laboratory or medical professional. We would also want to emphasize that genetic testing is for individuals with sufficient knowledge of the tests that they want to order. Genetic testing and data generation are the easiest part of the process and the actual issues begin after the testing is completed. If the data show no change and are interpreted normal then the case is closed however if there are any mutations or changes in the DNA that could potentially cause a disorder then one should consult with a medical professional. Again genetic testing is just a tool and is provided for you to have an opportunity to check for ethnic or hereditary disorders in your family.

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